The summer was great. I was tired and got sick late May, then the holiday came and it was the perfect timing. I got to recover well, and I feel much better now some months later. Sun, relaxing and a stress-free daily life really does it tricks.



I will update more often from now on, and it will be among three times a week. I’ve become better to grab my camera with me, and snap more pictures of what I like: people, interesting things or situations, food. I actually like a lot, so there will be a wide range. You’ll see.      – Update 15.1.16: Bullshit. Even though I really want to, it seems like I will never make this personal goal by mine (disappointed in myself).


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16.1.16: This above is true though. I update more often than here. I feel like Instagram is kind of a new type of a combinded tumblr and blog kind of thing.